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LATINUM Latin Mp3 Audio Course - Adler's Practical Grammar of the Latin Language (1858) [Data DVD with mp3 files and pdf]Part 2 of 3

LATINUM Latin Mp3 Audio Course - Adler's Practical Grammar of the Latin Language (1858) [Data DVD with mp3 files and pdf]Part 2 of 3
Platform: Mac
Date first available at January 29, 2012

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Review & Description

Disc Two (Lessons 45 - 70) Adler's Practical Grammar of the Latin Language is a gem of a book - providing a full Latin course in Audio, with 97 lessons, each lesson divided into several sections:The first section of every lesson deals with formal grammar, and takes you through the syntax, and conversational examples. The second section runs through the examples, without the grammar, in Latin/English/Latin. The third section of each lesson reviews the material twice in Latin only - the first reading is slow, and the second a little faster. The audio course is much longer than the textbook, and includes additional noun and verb paradigms, and a complete re-recording and review of the exercises in Latin only, on the third disk, designed for consolidation, after the student has completed the textbook. This way, the student can quickly spot which dictata they are weak in, and can return to the textbook to review that chapter. The Adler course uses restored classical pronunciation, but the Latin is read very slowly and clearly, and the differences in vowel length are deliberately exaggerated. Adler's textbook is one of the most comprehensive Latin textbooks ever written. It takes the unique approach of treating Latin like a living language. This textbook would be suitable for a complete novice. As Adler treats Latin grammar in great detail, even advanced Latinists would benefit from Adler. We believe we have put together one of the most comprehensive courses ever produced - one that will enable you to reach levels of fluency that, prior to the 1750's ,were expected as the norm. Few students reach this level of fluency, as they don't have access to an immersion environment. We can offer you something that will help - a large amount of oral Latin, both stories and dialogue - so that you can, if you wish, surround yourself with the language for a few hours a day, and so give your brain the necessary exposure to achieve fluency.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1753 in Software
  • Brand: LATINUM
  • Platform: Mac
  • Format: DVD-ROM
  • Dimensions: 4.92" h x .20" w x 5.59" l,


  • disc contains the mp3 files of the course
  • Full audio course, no need to consult the text while listening
  • In restored classical pronunciation

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