Thursday, September 8, 2011

Learnet Physics My Own Lab

Learnet Physics
Learnet Physics My Own Lab
by Schoolnet Network Learning
Platform: Windows NT / 2000 / 95 / 98
Date first available at July 18, 2011

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Review & Description

Physics My Own Lab is a virtual laboratory for students, where they can explore the wonders of Physics at the own pace. It is packed with 19 exciting curriculum-based interactive experiments and activities. Each activity is supported by relevant scientific theory validated by subject experts and can be run many times with multiple input and output facility.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1381 in Software
  • Brand: Made with Macromedia
  • Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98
  • Format: CD-ROM


  • Activities - The graphically illustrated activities, modelled on real-life scenarios, are completely interactive. Inputs for the activities can be set through type-in boxes, sliders, buttons and user-moveable elements. On running the activity, the output can be observed as animations, dynamic graphs and numerical values.
  • Instructions - Elaborate step-by-step instructions, including tips for particular inputs that would give interesting results, accompany every activity.
  • Theories, Formulae & Numerical Examples - Relevant theory clearly explaining and demonstrating the concepts underlying the activity has been provided. Additionally, formulae and solved numerical examples reinforce the concepts covered.
  • The Activities: Vectors, Linear Motion, Free Fall, Projectiles 1, Projectiles 2, Newton's Second Law of Motion, Law of Gravitation, Collisions, Oscillations, Archimedes' Principle, Buoyancy & Floatation, Fluid Statics, Pascal's Law, Concave Mirrors, Convex Mirrors, Plane Mirrors, Convex Lens, Concave Lens, Ohm's Law

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