Thursday, September 15, 2011

Charity: The Ultimate Investment (Home)

Charity: The Ultimate Investment (Home)
by Torah Live
Platform: Windows, Mac
Date first available at July 5, 2011

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Review & Description

Ever wondered how you could change the world?

This multimedia presentation from Torah Live reveals how giving charity is the ultimate way to change both ourselves and the world around us.

Through interviews with successful businesspeople, an in-depth look at ancient sources, and practical discussions of the laws, Rabbi Dan Roth inspires us to reach higher and give more.

What should my priorities be? Why did God create a world with unequal distribution? How do I factor in taxes and inflation? Can I use charity money to pay children's school fees?

In an exclusive video interview, world renowned halachic authority, Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits offers relevant answers to these and many more common charity questions.

Watch the home version of this DVD, and your perspective on charity will be changed forever. The professional version includes research notes, poster templates, lesson plans, and interactive media, to allow teachers worldwide to give the presentation themselves.

"Rabbi Roth's inspirational videos are outstanding. It is rare to see talent of this order used to so high and holy a cause. Will unlock the doors of learning to many." - Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

"The slickest shiur I have ever seen... Superbly organized and entertaining." - Shmuel Miller

"The engaging presentation, coupled with Rabbi Roth's wit and enthusiasm, provide a greater understanding of why giving charity with joy is a recipe for personal success." - Yonah David

"Extremely informative, very enjoyable, halachically sound." - Rabbi Zev Leff>

"By far the most engaging presentation I have ever heard on the subject." - Rabbi Dovid Horwitz

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #879 in Software
  • Platforms: Mac, Windows
  • Format: DVD-ROM
  • Dimensions: 7.09" h x .39" w x 5.12" l,


  • Torah Live takes an in-depth look at the age old practice of giving a tenth to charity.
  • Inspiring stories
  • Real life examples
  • A dynamic, interactive presentation about the Jewish concept of wealth and giving.
  • Delivered in an exciting and beautiful manner

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