Monday, September 5, 2011

The Behavioral Neuroscience Lectures - 2011

The Behavioral
The Behavioral Neuroscience Lectures - 2011
by Neuroscience Media Publishers, LLC
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Date first available at July 6, 2011

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Review & Description

The extensive lectures on this DVD are the newest updated versions of lectures I delivered in upper-class and graduate level courses over an eleven year period concerning the biological bases of behavior. I taught all of these courses every year. I updated them every year and updated them in 2011, although I am now retired. The courses include: Anatomy and Physiology of Behavior; Cognitive Neuroscience;Affective Neuroscience (Emotions); Behavioral Endocrinology (Hormones); Behavioral Genetics and Molecular Biology; Psychopharmacology and Pharmacokinetics; and Medical Psychology (Behavioral Medicine). All courses included two lectures on Systems Neuroscience and the Frontal-Affect-Arousal Loop. There is also a glossary included. These lectures contain a great deal of information that unites the Neurosciences, Biology, and Chemistry with Psychiatry, Medicine, and Psychology and Behavior, along with many images and tables. The thrust of the lectures involves looking at interactions between brain functioning, body functioning, environment, and how these contribute to the production of behavior and our responses to our own and others' behavior. This view stresses the nonlinear view of the world, body and brain functioning, and behavior. This is how the universe works and it's the best way to describe and understand these subjects. The initial lecture on NonLinear Systems in Systems Neuroscience is the first lecture in the ALL Courses section and should be read before any of the other lectures. Its accompanying lecture on the Frontal-Affect-Arousal Loop should be read right after. This view will make understanding human behavior more accurate and sensible. One will see how 'pop' analyses based on linear systems provides such bizarre outcomes when applied. These lectures are for students, teachers, and all others who are interested in the biological bases of behavior and neuroscience.

Product Details

  • Brand: Bradford Media
  • Format: DVD-ROM


  • Lectures on Behavioral Neuroscience and Medical Psychology - University Level
  • Systems Neuroscience; The Frontal-Affect-Arousal Loop; Glossary
  • Anantomy and Physiology of Behavior; Cognitive Neuroscience; Affective Neuroscience (Emotions)
  • Behavioral Endocrinology; Behavioral Genetics; Psychopharmacology; Medical Psychology
  • All content in these formats: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2007, and 1997-2003; Adobe PDF

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